Questions and answers about your reservation, ticket or annual pass

As a result of the new measures taken to combat the coronavirus, Plopsaqua De Panne will be closed as from 29 October 2020. If you already have a reservation, pre-sale ticket or annual pass? Discover the answers to your questions below.

I have a reservation for a visit from 29 October 2020. What can I do?
You can move your reservation to another date (for a visit until 30 June 2021). Click here and then on 'I want to move my reservation' to move your reservation. Moving your reservation to another time slot (e.g. from evening to afternoon) is not possible.

I have bought a ticket in presale which will expire before 3 January 2021. Can I still use it?
All tickets with limited validity that expire before 3 January 2021 can be exchanged for a visit to Plopsaqua De Panne until June 30th 2021. You will have to book your visit online in advance. You can do this here.

What about my Plopsa annual pass?
Your Plopsa annual pass will be automatically renewed with the number of days on which the park was closed and on which your annual pass was valid. These days start from the reopening date. You will be able to consult the new end date of your annual pass in your profile via

What about my Plopsa annual pass via direct debit?
Your Plopsa-FunCard via direct debit will be suspended for 1 month from 23 October 2020. You will not receive any payment request(s) during this period.

We have planned a school trip/group visit during the upcoming months. Can I cancel it?
Group visits can be rescheduled at any time. You can contact us via School trips that take place during this school year can be cancelled free of charge.